Monday, January 10, 2011

Jaces Plan

So this is a video of Jace telling me how he is going to trap Addison and get rid of her. I promise he really does love and care about his sister. I think she must of just been on his nerves today. A few minutes while after this video was taken he changed his mind and said he wanted to keep her.

Jaces Owie

Last night we went to my parents house so Dan could see if he could get my parents tv to work. While we were there Jace tripped over my feet and hit head on the foot rest of the lazy boy. Dan picked him up and noticed he was bleeding. We got him into the kitchen and got the bleeding stopped which only lasted for a min or two. We also put an ice pack on it to help with the swelling. Luckily the cut was not very big or deep so we didn't need to get stitches or anything like that.

This one was taken this morning look how much the goose egg has gone down.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

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Shooting With Papa

Yesterday we took Jace shooting his new gun with papa. However Jaces gun you need a key to unlock the bolt and we left home without it. We did not realize this until we got to the shooting range. We were able to rent a 22 gun for Jace to use. He really liked to shoot the one we rented because you are able to shoot a bunch of rounds before you have to reload. Jaces gun is just a single shot so you have to reload after every shot. The pictures are not the best cause since I am pregnant I am not allowed in the range, so I had to take pictures behind the glass.

Putting On Makeup

Nana Barnes gave Addy some makeup for Christmas, she has had so much fun with it. The other day I was in the kitchen doing something. Jace and Addy came in and told me they were going to put on make on each other. It was pretty cute to watch them play together and have fun.

Jace putting on makeup on Addy

The results

Addy putting makeup on Jace

There is no picture of the finishing job of Jace it wouldn't show up in the camera she did not put enough on his face for it to show up.

Christmas Night At Nana Haneys

After my family had there Christmas party in Logan we drove to Payson to spend time with Dans family. We got there and the kids opened there gifts. Jace got a 22 gun and Addison got a Mattel sing a ma jig. No picture of Addy with her toy. They were both pretty excited about there gifts.

Jace shooting his new 22

If you can notice in this picture Jace is left eye dominant. We have some work to do with him in getting him trained to use his right eye. Right now Dan just stands behind him and helps him aim and holds his left eye lid down. We have also thought about getting him some safety glasses and blacking out the left eye.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas 2010

This year for Christmas was so much FUN! The kids were so fun to watch them open there gifts! they both got probably way to much, but I don't care I got some sweet awesome deals on everything I bought. I was able to get so much that there birthdays are all done. The kids both kept on saying that they wanted Santa to bring pillow pets. Jace wanted a dog and Addy wanted a purple cow in her words (which is the unicorn.) A pillow pet is what always stayed the same for Jace it never changed. The animal did which was my doing because he wanted a polar bear this is not a pillow pet brand which did not matter to me, but I did not want him to have it since it was all white. I knew it would get dirty fast and easy so with a little convincing I was able to change his mind to the dog. Addys always was the purple cow so that was easy. They both got tons and tons of cloths which they both really needed, so that was nice that they got that. Jace actually
seemed excited about getting clothes, and Addison just liked to open gifts.
As santa was getting the gifts from dad and mom out from the tree he bumped it and broke the base (that had been braking for the last 3 years.) Thankfully santa was able to fix it and it lasted till morning when Maggie ran into the tree and bumped it then it was a goner. Oh well at least it lasted till morning.

Addisons gift pile

Jaces gift pile

My poor broken tree if you look to the left the glowing blue corner of the chair is my star. I did not dare put it up on the tree and risk breaking the fix job we did.

Christmas morning

Addison in front of her kitchen she was so cute when she opened this she even screamed a little I have it on the video camera, I will have to post some time soon.

The pillow pet

The purple cow

Jace and dad playing with Jaces light bright

Christmas Eve 2010!

On Christmas eve we went to my aunts house and had a great time as usual. We ate soup and bread bowls and had a great time visiting and playing the chimes well trying to play them that is. We did get better at playing them when we stopped singing. I wasn't able to get a picture of Jace playing the chimes, he was sitting in front of me or we were playing at the same time. So you will have to pretend that you see Jace playing the chimes.

Addison helping Julie play her chime

Addy playing one all by herself

I LOVE this picture of Addy and her Grandma Great! I LOVE my grandmas smile in this picture!

The 3 Barnes grandkids!

Crazy Funny Girl!

My funny little girl, a few weeks ago I went and checked on Addy before I went to bed and this is what I found. She had got some of her babies and stuffed animals, the ones I had that are hers now, and she had laid them all around her. She is such a funny little girl, it cracked me up when I saw this.

Bear River City Christmas Dance

I took the kids to the BRC Christmas dance this year to dance and meet Santa clause. They had fun dancing and playing. They both loved to dance it was so hard to get good pictures of them they were both moving so fast.