Friday, March 30, 2012

Kayelee Is 1!!!!!

Kayelee is 1!!! On the 29th Kayelee turned 1! She is such a little what we call squirm butt. She is always moving, she doesn't just sit at least for very long. She can climb up the stairs now, pull her self up to a standing position, if there is something she wants and can't reach it she will take a few steps holding onto the couch to get it, she is still army crawling, waves bye bye, says mama, plays peek-a-boo, she seems to always have her pointer finger out and pointing at something, she is still a mamas girl, and she HATES the sand, grass, and the cement. Pretty much she doesn't like to be sat down outside. She also HATES yogurt, pedialyte, Gatorade, power-aid, apple juice, and sippy cups
I took her to the Dr. today for her well check she weighs 15lbs 14oz that is the 1% her height is 26 3/4" that's the 1% her head is the same at 17 1/4 that's the 20%. Her Dr also wants us to to a thyroid test on her since it can run in families. But since she just had her surgery we have to wait for about a month or two to do the blood test. We also will be going back in for a weight check in about a month and our goal is that she will be up 1 pound.

for Kayelees cake I really wanted to do a giant cupcake. I also for the first time made fondant icing. it was kind of fun working with the fondant it took me about 3 1/2 hours longer to make then I thought it would. It took me over an hour just to her the brown color fondant. I wasn't daring enough to do the whole cake in fondant icing. I didn't want to wreck the cake then have Kayelee be without a cake for her birthday. So the pink icing on top of her cupcake is just cream cheese icing. Maybe next time I will be more daring and do more with fondant then just circles.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Addisons 4 year old stats

Addisons stats for her 4 year check up were 34.6lbs thats the 50% height was 40" thats the 55% her head was 19 1/2 not sure on the percent they didn't write it down .

9 Month Pictures

One of Dans coworkers wife's is starting to get into photography. I asked her if she would be willing to take Kayelees 9 month pictures. She was great! she even came to my house to do the pictures, and wouldn't even let me pay her. I thought they turned out so cute! The first few pictures of Kayelee in the crocheted outfits are what my grandma made for me when I was a baby.
Since today is Kayelees birthday. WOW its been a whole year already and I never posted her 9 month stats here they are better late then never. her weight was 15.4 thats the 5% and her height was 26in thats the 10% her head was 17 1/4 thats the 50%. we go tomorrow for her one year apt. Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to get her 1 year old post done.

More Pictures Of Our Trip

Stolen pictures of our trip from my sister in law Julie.

us after the Jurassic park ride

the view from our room to Disneyland and California adventure

waiting for the shuttle to take us to legoland

Jay and Addy watching a movie in the shuttle van on the way back from legoland.

Love this pic of Jay and Kayelee. they could almost pass for siblings instead of cousins.

Still has her mouth opened. (if you are confused go to the post titles "the surgery")

Love my moms face here

2nd time on splash mountain Addy is next to Dan all you can see is the top of her head. but she loved this ride

at the airport waiting for our airplane to go to California

Addy at the beach (love this picture)

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Some videos of our trip

Dancing with Aladdin

Addy driving her car at legoland

Barnes Family Vacation 2012 to California

Our first Barnes Family vacation was to California. We left on the 10th at 6:20 a.m. The night before we left my mom, Julie and her boy Jay, and my family spent the night at a hotel in SLC. When we got to California since it was to early to check into our hotel we went to Julies parents house let the kids take a little nap and the adults as well. Later that afternoon we went to the beach. We had plans to go to 3 different beaches and see different things. However Jace had other plans he had ate his lunch really really fast. then as we were walking out of the restaurant as you came out there was a little hill. so Jace, Addison, and Jay all rolled down this hill. Well Jace did it a few more times then he should have, cause on the way to the first beach he threw up in the back of the rental van. luckily we were right by the exit for our hotel. So about 1.5 hours later after cleaning the van and getting the locked keys out of it we were on our way to the beach!

Having fun at the beach! the water was so cold but the kids had so so much fun. they LOVED running away from the waves

Jace, Addy, and Jay chasing seagulls

Kayelee and mama hanging out on the beach. Kayelee HATED the sand

silly girl

my parents and Addy at Universal studios

The Haney crew

My cute kiddos

My cute nephew Jay

I don't think Jace was to sure of Frankenstein

Addy and Dora

Curious George and 3 others who I dont know putting on a show

Jace was so scared to get his picture taken here

Sponge bob!

The Lorax

Oh no Jaws don't eat Jace!

Monday morning on our way to legoland!

every time you stepped on the yellow circles it would play the instrument it was in front of.

Addy driving her lego car

Flying in a helicopter

I think Jace may of found his girl friend

Playing with legos while waiting in line for a ride

If I remember right this is New Orleans

Jay looking at something

Tuesday and Wednesday were spent at DISNEYLAND! Jace is a scaredy cat and would not ride very many rides. Addy our little dare devil rode every ride she was tall enough to ride. her two favorite were big thunder mountain railroad, and tower of terror. she also really liked splash mountain.

waiting for the parade to start

Addy waiting for the princess float to come and hoping that Bell is on it

Seeing Bell and getting excited

It was so cute to have see Addy Bell. Bell waved at her and even blew her a kiss. Addy was so so so excited that Bell blew her a kiss. I think we all had tears in our eyes after that.

Telling Julie about seeing Bell

Wednesday Morning we had early entry into toontown. so after being there for a few minutes I went over to wait in line to see if Addy could met Bell along with two other princesses. She was able to met Bell and she was so excited. Bell even came to greet her as she came into the princesses castle. And gave her a hug

Bell asked Addy if Jace was her beast.

signing Addys book

One last hug

Addy with princess Tiana

Addy and princess Ariel

Wednesday we also went to California adventure

This is on tower of terror. you can barely see the top of addys head then its my dad, and my moms head turned into Tyler, and Julie screaming her head off holding onto Tyler.

Wednesday night we went to goofs kitchen it was a blast! it is an all you can eat buffet. and while you are eating some of the characters come around to your table while you eat and you get to spend time with them and get your picture with them and get autographs. It was a bit pricey but would totally do it again.


Dancing with daddy


Dancing with Aladdin

Sleeping Beauty


After dinner in this car taking turns in the driver seat

that was our trip in a whole crap load of pictures. hope you enjoyed.