Thursday, September 9, 2010

Jaces First Day At 4 Year Old Preschool

Jace started his first day of 4 year old preschool on Sept. 2 he loves his new teacher, and she is such a wonderful teacher!

My cute little man being his normal goofy self when I am trying to take pictures of him.

Jace outside of his preschool

Jace and his teacher Mrs. Francom

Hurt Toe

The other night Jace was running to his bed and stubbed his toe. I made sure he was ok and put him in bed. I went to check on him a little later, and he had his foot propped up. I thought it was so funny. But he must have just closed his eyes, cause as soon as I took the picture he woke up and said, hey mom did you just take my picture?

Riding Rides At The Fair

The kids had so much fun riding rides at the fair. We went the first night and it was a mad house. if it wasnt for each ride only being one ticket, we would have left and done it another night.

Jace going down the slide, for some reason Jace looks a little scared in this picture. I promise he really did like it, he asked over an over to ride the slide again.

Addy and Daddy

Jace being a goofball waiting in the huge line for the kid roller coaster.

This picture is kind of blurry, but I loved Addys face in this she loved loved riding the rides she would scream and yell on every ride.

Jace and Daddy on the ferris wheel

Mommy and Addy on the ferris wheel

Box Elder County Fair Parade

The kids had so much fun at the parade and they both got so so much candy.

Jace and Addy dancing before the parade starts

still dancing

My little helper caring Addy back to us after she went a little to far for my liking.

Her owie, she tripped right on the hard asphalt. poor little knee

Jace and nana

Holding her skirt up so it did not touch her knee. I thought this was pretty funny to watch. after awhile she forgot about it and was back to herself.

Addy covering her ears when the fire trucks and ambulances went by.

Jay Laughing

This is my cute little Nephew Jay. I just love his laugh! He had so much fun with this little game we played. And yes I know it sounds like I am really hitting him hard with this blanket but I promise you I wasnt. The camera was just so close it picked up every little sound.