Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Mesa Falls

The day after we saw Yellowstone we stayed the night in Driggs Idaho. Then the next day we meet up with Dans family at Mesa Falls. it was a good time we had lunch walked around the falls and had a good time with family.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Photos From My Phone

Dans step brother has this bungee tramp thing so we put addy in it to go for a ride. I think she really liked it.

Jace getting some funny gas before getting his filling filled, his first one ever. He did not like getting his teeth worked on. he doesnt mind the check up apt. but man o man he did not like those drills and all that in his mouth.

the kids found this hammock at Smith and Edwards

Yellowstone Day 1

The weekend of July 24th we went with Dans family to Island Park and Yellowstone. We went a day earlier then everyone, I wanted to see Yellowstone and take the kids to it. I had never been to Yellowstone before. so I wanted to go and drive around and see things I knew we would not see with Dans family.

a mama elk and her baby

this was my first time seeing real Lilly pads

Jace and Addy at the continental divide. there was this little lake by it.

two huge elk

eating some dinner.

at the dragons mouth

there so close to the pathway. some people got so close to the buffalo trying to get back down the path.

This little baby deer was so fun to watch. It was running all around and playing. it was so so fun to see these guys in there element. I could have watched the deer running and playing all day.

Jace and Addy at one of the hot pots I liked how this one was green. it matched Jaces shirt so I had to take a picture of it.

look at how close this buffalo was to our car. We could have stuck our hand out the window and touched it.

This picture does not show beautiful the moon was reflecting off of Yellowstone lake.

Jace At The Archery Range

A little awhile ago Jace got his very own bow. its an old one of Dans that he had when he was little. Jace LOVES his bow he could shoot it all day long if he could. I just wish he could shoot it in our back yard. but I guess that's what you get for living in a city.

shooting at a deer

Thats where he shot it

shooting at the bobcat

Lamb Days

A few weeks ago, we went to Lamb Days down in Fairview. it was pretty fun. the kids LOVED the parade.

my little poser

Jace waving to everyone going by

Jace getting candy at the parade

Addy with her flower hat

Jace with his balloon dog

Jace and Addy inside of a tank