Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Washing The Van

Bear Lake

After camping my family had a family reunion, at bear lake it was tons of fun! The kids loved the water and had so much fun.

Jace and cousin mac riding on the tube, this was Jaces second time riding the first time I didn't have the camera with me so I couldn't take pics. Addison also went on 2 different rides on the tube, but again didn't have the camera on me.

Addison being buried in the sand. doesn't she look happy

Maggie taking a swim with the kids.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Camping (lots and lots of pics)

the weekend after the 4th we went camping up Logan canyon it was way fun! the kids had so much fun and got so so so dirty. Its a good thing that we had a shower to hose them down with.

look at all that dirt. this was after we just got to our camp we didnt even have all of the car unloaded yet by the time Addy got this dirty.

So cute what good kids they are.

looking for the next clue to the scavenger hunt.

I found the treasure!

Sand toys to take to the beach for the family reunion

eating lunch

dont fall in Addy

she fell in. good thing it was clam where she feel in cause that water was moving fast.

Jace shooting the bb gun

picture by Jace

playing Frisbee

after Addy feel in the river the only shoes she had was sandals

her paints kept on falling down

Maggie enjoying a nap and some shade

Jace roasting 4 marshmellows

enjoying the fire