Wednesday, March 27, 2013

lots of posts trying to get caught up

Trying to get caught up on my blog I am a year behind. I am hoping to get caught up in the next couple of days so check back and make sure to look at other pages just not the main page so you can see everything.

the clean up from the fire

The clean up crew taking the shed down.

Shed Fire

On the 4th of July we were out of town visiting Dans family, and we got a call from a neighbor that our shed was on fire.  Dan raced home as fast as he could (we were two hours away.) Thanks to our wonderful neighbors that called 911 and came with water hoses to start trying to get it out. thanks to them they most likely saved the house from going up as well. We had a lot of stuff in the shed that we lost. I am glad it was just things and that no one was hurt. Especially since there was bullets going off around our neighbors that were fighting the fire before the fire depot got there. 

some Christmas decorations and a cooler

 more Christmas tree decorations and a charcoal starter.

my jogging stroller and a cooler melted to it.

lawn mower

My Christmas tree and lights that I had just got to use for one Christmas

 the tree again and another stroller

Damage from the heat of the fire, it melted the vinyl from the window and broke on of the glass pains  

Dans toolbox that was once filled with tools

 a little giant ladder

The loft in the shed most everything that was up here was put on the lawn.

Dans golf clubs

One of Addisons bikes

 another one of Addisons bikes

Melted privacy slats

 there were a bunch of things here Dans smoker he had just got for fathers day, our snow blower and a hide stretcher and I think Addisons bike she had just got for her birthday.