Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Surgery

On the 10th Jace had to have his tonsils, adenoids out and tubes put in his ears. He had to have his tonsils and adenoids out because he would stop breathing at night. On Wednesday he did not have to be to the Hospital till 10:45 he was one of there oldest kids that day so he was one of the last kids to get his surgery done. Also Tuesday night he could not have anything to eat or drink after midnight. So I kept him up as late as I could which was 11:00. Then I gave him some food and drink and let him go to sleep. He woke up at 9:00 that morning, I was hoping he would sleep a little longer but thats alright.

Jace after we got him dressed in there scrubs and slippers. He was doing really good and excited to have his surgery until we had to get him changed. I think he just started to get scared.

Now he is happy and coloring his book they gave him.

his ankle bracelet

these were the only two pics, I could get with him with his doctor hat on.

After getting back from recovery. He did not like the iv in him he kind of woke up two or three times and asked for this thing out of his hand. I just told him we could not cause it was giving him medicine to feel better. He was fine with that and left it in for about another hour.

His glowing toe

Nana and Jace

his low oxygen the lowest it got was 87 but as I was going to take the picture the nurse stuck her arm in the way.

On oxygen

a closer view

His levels after being on oxygen.

a wake from anesthesia

Getting a little drink

a wagon ride to the car

Fun On The Farm With Grandpa and Grandma

A couple of weeks ago we went to Grandpa and Grandma Robertsons to spend some time with them. We went to Grandpa Blaines house and dug for potatoes and took pictures with there new baby donkeys.

Jace digging for potatoes

Jace and his huge carrot he found. he found this carrot and would not let us cook it he wanted to keep it forever.

Addy and her funky carrot

Dan and one of the baby donkeys

Jace and the older of the two baby donkeys

Addy and the newest baby donkey (they are about 2 months old and they are 11 days apart)

The proud grandparents grandpa Blaine and Grandma Robertson (Haney)

Halloween 2010

Snow white and Iron man!

My little princess!

My little super hero!

Waiting for the trunk or treat to start. Addy looking for treats in her bag.

Enjoying a donuts after trunk or treating in the rain.

Me At 15 or 16 Weeks Pregant

2010 Carving Pumpkins

Jace and his pumpkin he picked out. He said he wanted a mean faced pumpkin so we made up a few faces on paper and let him pick out what one he wanted.

Addy and her pumpkin

Dan gutting another pumpkin

Dan getting his pumpkins face drew on.

Me carving Jaces pumpkin. (Jace is taking this picture)

Addy and her pumpkin

Jace and his pumpkin

Addy and her pumpkin

Me and my pumpkin

Dan and his pumpkin

all 4 of them

all of them in the dark.