Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Addisons Surgery

Yesterday (4-18-11) Addison had to have her tonsils, and adenoids out, and tubes put in her ears. She was the same as Jace and would stop breathing at night. Addy however was a lot worse. Her tonsils were touching each other.

before the surgery

watching Magamind before her surgery.

After her surgery. She was not a happy camper coming out of the anesthesia. Which we knew she would since she was the same way when she had her MRI when she was 1.

her glowing toe.

Daddy and Kayelee making Addy smile.

riding to the car in a wagon

She would keep her mouth opened and her tounge back

we told her to close her mouth and this is the face she made

a close up of her face. I don't know if you can tell but her tongue is back.

More Of Kayelee



Kayelee and Grandma Great! (3-30-11)

Kayelee and papa (3-30-11)

Kayelee with uncle Michael (3-30-11)


Kayelee and dada getting ready to go home. (3-31-11)

all ready to go home!

Big brother Jace and big sister Addison getting ready to see there sister for the first time! (kids 14 and under were not allowed in the hospital. So they were unable to some and see her in the hospital.)

seeing there sister for the first time. (3-31-11)

Dan went to Wal-mart and got an Easter basket to bring Kayelee home in.

Kayelee and Nana

Julie seeing Kayelee for the first time just after we got home.

My two girls!

First bath at home. (3-31-11)

not to happy about the whole bath idea.

thats better now all warm and sung as a bug. (3-31-11)



I love this pic with her eyes crossed. (4-8-11)

all ready for bed. (4-15-11)

One of the kids took this picture. along with about 50 others. (4-1-11)

all three of my babies. (4-1-11)

Big brother Jace and Kayelee

in her tanning bed. she was in this from Saturday the 2nd through Wednesday the 6th.


The flowers Dan got me while I was in the hospital.