Monday, February 28, 2011

5 And 3 Year Old Pics

Last week I had the kids 5 and 3 year old pictures taken, by a wonderful photographer Amy Wilberg. She did such an amazing job. The kids were so cold during the pictures, but we were able to get some really great pictures. If you want to check out more of her work check out her blog.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Addisons 3rd Birthday

Sunday my baby girl turned 3 years old! Since her birthday was on a Sunday I decided that I would do a little family birthday party for her. It was way fun! We just had Hamburgers and hot dogs, salads, chips, and of course cake and ice cream for dessert.

Cheesing it for the camera

Showing us how old she is now.

A new outfit for her snap on dolls

More food for the kitchen santa brought

I new shirt! she actually really liked getting clothes. I might be in trouble when she gets older.

some of the family

More family

I forgot to wrap her vacuum so she could open the morning of her birthday with her other gifts from mom and dad. so she got to open it at her party.

more family

opening her gift from papa and nana

trying out the gift.

her cake she picked out the directions and she told me she wanted a purple cake. so this is how it turned out.

singing happy birthday

Tyler and Julie were at her party to but I must of forgot to get a picture of them.

Oreo Cookies

The other day I decided to let the kids have a little treat after dinner. I had some oreo cookies, and well you can't have oreos without milk. I think this may be the first time they have had oreos and milk. I usually hide them from the kids so there is more for me and Dan. They have had just the cookie, but I really can't remember if they have had them with milk before. So here are a few pics of them with there cookies and milk.