Saturday, August 20, 2011

Bear River City 24th Of July

Every year Bear River City does there 24th of July celebration. It is so much fun! I look forward to it every summer. They have a bunch of different booths and activities for the kids.they have a baby show witch we put Kayelee in. She didn't win but that's ok. I think she is cute! I did it for the fun of it and not for the winning aspect.

Waiting for the parade to start. and Tyler being a snot and not letting me take his picture.

haha got it.

My cute nephew and sister in law in the parade throwing candy.

Addy doing the fish scramble. (catching a trout with your bare hands)

Jace doing the fish scramble. Jace was so scared to even try to catch a fish. I don't think he even put his hands in the water

Addy getting ready to catch a bunny

Jace getting ready to catch a bunny. luckily neither of them did. I did not want to take a bunny home.

Addy getting ready to ride a sheep. because our camera is stupid and takes forever to take a picture we didnt get one of her on the sheep.

here she is after getting pulled off the sheep. I had them pull her off just after the gate opened so she did not get stepped on like Jace did when he rode a sheep.

With her aunt Julie coming to her mom.

4th Of July

Over the forth of July went camping with Dans family up at Indian Ridge it was way fun! I wasn't to good at taking pictures of this trip. We had a ton of fun we had a scavenger hunt, and treasure hunt, and a swimming pool for the kids. the kids had so much fun. it was fun to watch them in the pool especially when the water was cold, and hadn't warmed up yet. Dan and the older kids slept in our tent, while me and Kayelee slept in the back of the van on an air mattress. I was a little worried about sleeping in the tent with her. I was worried that she would wake up the other two kids and that it would be to cold in the tent for her. I knew the van would be warmer and I wouldn't have to worry about her waking up the other two kids.

Swimming in the pool up in the mountains. (yes they are in their underwear we didn't know that grandma was going to bring a pool.)

Kayelee did a lot of this during the 4th. I am so glad I bought this little swing for her. It was so nice to just let her have her own space for a while instead of always having to hold her.

Addy, Jace, and Landon playing in Grandmas trailer.

Kayelee taking a snooze in grandmas trailer.

Jace and Landon having a treat, coloring and painting.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Day At The Zoo

The end of August we decided to go to the zoo. We also decided to invite Dans cousin Kistina and her kids to come along. we had so much fun! the have some dinosaurs that the kids had fun seeing and getting scared by them.

on the train ride

seeing the first dinosaur, Jace was a little nervous that it was going to eat him. but we assured him that the dinosaur was not going to eat him.

Growling back at the dinosaur.

Riding the wooden horses

Kelsey, Addison and Dylon

It was pretty cool we went to the little room by the elephants and the baby elephant was right by the glass window. the kids thought it was pretty cool to see the elephant that close.

Jace, Addison, Kistena, and Dylon

Kistena and Dylon

Kelsey and Addy

Addy, Dan, Jace

Me and Kayelee on the carousel

Our whole family!

Jace and Addy riding a t-rex

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Jace T-Ball

Jace was able to play t-ball this summer. He had SO SO much fun. it was so fun and amazing to see how much he learned and grew from the first game to the last game. T-ball was so much better then soccer just because it was so much warmer.