Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sledding Accident

Dan and his brothers (Nathan and Michael) took the kids sledding last night to Jackrabbit hill in Garland. Jace loves to go sledding. Addison gets too scared, and dosen't like it one bit. Addison got cold, and Dan put her in the car to warm up, and watch a movie. He locked the doors to the car, and would check on her after every run down the hill. They had two sleds and took turns going down the hill, then they decided to all go at the same time in one sled. Jace sat in the front with Michael, Nathan and Daniel sitting behind him, in that order. As they went down the hill Jace put his feet over the front of the sled. His foot got caught between the sled and the icy hill and he was pulled under the sled with three adults on top of him. Dan thought that he was going to find Jace laying there unconsious with broken bones. It was a real blessing that Jace wasn't seriously injured. He has a badly skinned ankle. We took him to the doctor today because he didn't put much pressure on his ankle, and to make sure he didn't break it or hurt any tendons. The doctor said he just got a bad burn on it, like a bad rug burn. By the end of the night he was walking and playing on his tippy toes.

Nathan and Michael pulling the kids up the hill.

Jaces wound after the accident.