Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hogle Zoo With Dans Family

About a month ago Dans sister and her family came to Utah from Florida and were able to spend some time with us and Dans other siblings. So one day we decided to go to hogle zoo. We also had Dans cousin and her family meet up with us as well.

Jace feeding the Giraffe its not a very good picture, but its all I have.

3 Year Old Preschool Gradution

Jace graduated from 3 year old preschool. well kind off, his teacher only let her 4 year olds going into kindergarten walk and get a diploma. So I think that I will make a diploma for him my self. For the record I did not like her as a teacher, I fell like Jace did not learn anything while in her class. I kind of wish I would have dared to pull him out, but i was to big of a chicken to do that. I am just glad that he will be with a new teacher next year.

Addy Has A New Room

Addy has a new room well kind of. its actually just a new paint job on half of her room

before I forgot to get a before picture with her big bed so that's why there is a pic of her in her crib

during with primer on the walls.

after with her new dark brown paint and new bedding set.

her new bedding

its a double sided quilt and his is the other side.

Squeaky Shoes

Addisons new shoes that she thinks are so much fun!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Having Fun

Just some ransom pics of the kids having fun, while having a hot dog roast with some of Dans family.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Camping In The Back Yard

On April 17th Jace wanted to sleep in the tent. So Dan got it all set up and everything ready for him and Jace to sleep in, me and Addy slept in the house where it was warmer and where our beds were. Before they went to sleep Dan dug a pit to roast marshmallows. The kids loved being able to roast marshmallows. They did sleep out the whole night witch I was surprised about. I thought for sure they would come, in the house in the middle of the night.

4 Year and 2 Year

I am so late at posting this, but the kids had there well visits clear back in March. Jaces stats are his weight was 38.6 lbs that's the 75%, his height was 41 1/3 inches and that was the 75%, they either forgot to right down his head circumference or they didn't do it. Addisons stats were weight 24.0 lbs that's the 20%, her height was 33 inches that's the 45%, her head circumference was 18 3/4 in that is the 55%. and just so you know Addisons 18 months percentiles were weight 10%, height 50%. so she went up in weight. yeah Addy! and down in height boo. well hopefully this means that she is starting to gain some weight.