Sunday, May 29, 2011

Monte L Bean Museum

The Monday after Easter on our way home we stopped at the Monte L. Bean Museum it was pretty fun the kids really had a fun time.

Jace really liked this duck with the oyster in its mouth.

Kayelee next to the elephant

Feeding Kayelee to the hipo

2 Months Old

Holy cow my baby girl is already 2 months old. That went by way to fast. Kayelee at two months old you are so much fun. You are changing every day. You are starting to really enjoy your baths, but you HATE getting lotion put on. I am not sure if its just from getting out of a warm bath and then being cold or that you just don't like it. We have tried keeping half your body covered, that works sometimes but not all the time. You had your first smile on 5-6-2011. We have yet to get a picture of you smiling you don't give them out every often. Hopefully in the next few days you will smile for us and we can get a picture of it. You are sleeping better at night finally. For the first few weeks of your life, the only way you would sleep was next to me. I would always start you off in your bassinet that is in our room. But after about 30 min of trying to get you to sleep in your, bed I gave up and just put you in with mom and dad. You are also starting to be awake more through out the day. Your brother and sister LOVE you so much they love to help with you and hold you. You LOVE your binki you have taken it pretty much since the moment you came out. When you are being held you would rather be held upright more then cradled. When you take naps you like to be in your swing. I am working on that to get you to sleep in the bassinet. When you were on the bili lights you did a lot better then your sister did. You had a couple of hard times in it, but for the most part you did really well. You are just like your brother and sister and still just tiny at 2 months old you still fit into your newborn cloths.

I meant to do this also at one month old as well, but I forgot. so sorry there is a lot of jumping around.

Kayelee on 4-1-2011

Monday, May 23, 2011

New Born Pictures

Ok so here are Kayelees new born pictures. Sorry there are a ton of pictures! I figure since its my scrapbook/journal, its ok to put lots of pictures. These were taken when she was just two weeks old. WOW I can't believe how fast time going.

The Soccer Team

Here is my little man and his soccer team!

Addy Preschool Pictures

Here is Addisons preschool pictures and her class picture. Her first day of preschool was picture day(as well as St. Patrick's day hence the green) and they failed to tell me this. If I would have known it was picture day I totally would have sent her in something a whole lot cuter.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Easter Morning 2011

Sorry the first few pics are blurry we just got the camera out of the van and the camera lens fogged up. This year we went to Payson for Easter to spend it with dans family

Jace looking for his Easter basket

Addy looking for hers

looking in the fridge

Addy found hers in the closet

Jace found his in the microwave

showing what he got

showing what she got

and Kayelee showing off what she got.

Us ready for church on Easter morning

After church on Easter we went down to Ephriam to have dinner with the rest of Dans family and have a huge family Easter egg hunt. Here is Jace looking for his eggs. This year since it was still so cold and wet on Easter we went to Dans uncles new turkey brudder. It was way fun everybody had a blast.