Saturday, June 19, 2010

This Girl Really Will Eat Anything

Addison will eat anything and I mean anything! Dan bought some seaweed to snack on. Addy just thought she had to have some, so Dan gave her a little piece. She gobbled it up fast and asked for more. And every time for the couple of days we had the seaweed she wanted some. I finally decided to get a picture of her eating it. I think its nasty, well I have never tried it, but it smells nasty.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Another Tub Post

I got this idea from another one of the blogs I follow. all you do is go to the dollar store buy some glow sticks, break them up and toss them in a dark bathroom. the kids LOVED it they could have stayed in there for ever playing.

Kids In The Tub

We were at Helens a few weeks ago, and I bathed the kids in her jacuzzi tub. The kids thought is was pretty fun, to be in the tub with the jets going. They both loved to put there backs on the jets, and feel them hit there back.