Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My Fractured Elbow

On Sunday the 26th I was out putting the hose out for our tractor sprinkler I was walking backwards, and I tripped over the new tree we had just put in. I tripped over the stake and rope that was anchoring the tree and fell backwards, and I think I caught myself with my elbow. I heard a break and wasn't sure if it came from me or the tree. Since I did pull the tree down with me. I looked over the tree and couldn't see anything wrong with it. I went in the house and started reading over my primary lesson for that day, and as time went on it started to hurt more and more. I told Jace to go and get his dad. When Dan got upstairs I told him what happened, and I thought we needed to go to the insta-care. I was not going to pay $100 co-pay for an er visit when I can go to the insta-care for $25. I knew I would be fine riding over to Logan, plus it would be cheaper in gas and a co-pay then an er visit.

The insta-care did x-rays, but they were unable to see a break or anything because of all the fluid that was around my joint. They decided since I was in so much pain that they would put my arm in a splint, wrap it in ace bandage, and in a sling. They told me to call this Orthopedic surgeon and get an apt. with him in the morning and they would be able to help us and tell us more.

So Monday I called over to Dr. Murry and got in that afternoon. by that time a radiologist had looked at my x-ray and had found my break. Dr. Murry showed us where it was and what they were going to do for me. They left it in the hard splint that the insta-care did. They said they don't like to cast elbow joints because you lose mobility so fast. Since I had it in a splint that I could take off I was to exercise my arm daily.

This first x-ray is the one the insta-care did. where the arrow is pointing is the break.

this was today's x-ray 10-12-10 this was after two weeks being in the splint. We met with Dr. Murry today and he said if I am home try to keep the splint off and just keep it in the sling. If I am to go out of my home put it in the splint and sling. Then slowly stop using the sling, and the splint.

Oh and in case you wanted to know or even cared this is my first broken bone.

My Little Duck Hunters

Dan took the kids and Maggie out duck hunting a couple nights ago, this was Addys first time duck hunting. I think she really enjoyed going and had fun with her dad and brother. To bad they didn't see anything that they could shoot. Jace really likes to go duck hunting with his dad as long as they don't have to walk way to far.


A few weeks ago I wanted to see if Addy had enough hair to pull back in a full pony tail in the back. she had just enough hair kind of. Her hair is still so short in some places that it takes a lot of hair spray to get it to stay. I also decided to see if I could do bangs. they kind of turned out like 80s bangs but I couldn't get them to go any other way.

I like this picture cause you can kind of see her little dimple.

Poor Jace

A couple of weeks ago Jace tripped and hit his tooth. After he Calmed down I looked at him a little better and noticed that his front tooth has been knocked back. I called the dentist and they said to bring him in to make sure it did not effect his root. I called Dan and he was able to come home and take Jace to the dentist. They got back from the dentist and the dentist gave him a dollar and let him pick out a couple of toys, and his dad got him a slushy. The dentist said that the root looked good and that it shouldn't effect his permanent tooth, but it will most likely turn dark. which I noticed yesterday that it is already turning dark. Sorry the pictures are blurry on the little camera screen they did not look blurry, so sorry you get to look at blurry pics.

here you can see it has been pushed backed. it was even with the other front tooth.

a front view

again a front view and his sore lip where he bit it.

Messy Addy

I gave Addy a Chocolate doughnut a while back and a big glob of frosting came out while she was eating it, and landed on her cute little face. She thought that was the funnest thing that she had that frosting all over her face.